Friday, January 19, 2007


The Barack Obama Show has been prepared for a brain dead public, a public that adopts media slogans as if they are thinking their own thoughts, even parroting the media words like charm and charisma. Quite suddenly all important issues have evaporated to make room for endless discussion of this latest, media-fabricated celebrity.

The one invention Jews can honestly take credit for is the celebrity. Barack Obama is their invention just as surely as Paris Hilton is their invention.

The methods of the Jewish impresario have been used in politics for a very long time, but we are a little slow to catch on. Most Americans wake up to find Barak Obama on the cover of Newsweek and they are embarrassed when they realize that they don't know who this guy is. They are embarrassed! So they Google the name only to find that they are thirteen million results behind the curve. These Americans like to think of themselves as intelligent and informed, so they are not embarrassed to be ignorant of J Lo, but they foolishly believe that the political celebrity and the movie celebrity are not cooked up in the same kitchen.

Being on the lookout for "black" talent is the responsibility of every well placed Jew in academia. and you can be sure that someone at Occidental College saw this mulatto as promising material. Recall that Condoleezza Rice was the protege of of Madeleine Albright's father at the backwater University of Denver and was moved along a trajectory that belied any authentic qualifications to become the first, black, female Secretary of State.

Obama was "discovered" at a small liberal arts college and was transferred to a big name Jewish school to be groomed for his future. We are not told what Obama's interests were in his two years at Occidental, but by the time he was transferred to Columbia University it was clear that his interests had been given political direction and Jewish management. A major in international relations, a Harvard law degree, being chosen the first "black" editor of the Harvard Law Review, a nice summer job for a top Chicago law firm, a stint doing some "community service" - all are the "bona fides" of the chosen.

At least since the twentieth century the Jews have made use of the special status of Blacks to front for their own, varied and nefarious schemes. Blacks were used as a pretext for the Civil War: They were used to crush white political power in the South during Reconstruction. With the Great Migration they were used to counter the fledgling power of white labor unions and the homogeneity of whites in northern cities. They were used to destroy local control of public education. They have been used as a massive voting block to promote the Democrats' candidates and issues. They were used as the cause celebre to push affirmative action on our universities assuring an enormous leap in Jewish and female enrollment at our top schools. And their status as the descendants of slaves has been used to give the cloak of righteousness to every minority group from homosexuals to illegal aliens.

The phenomenon of Barack Obama is to be used to support the false consciousness of white people that has been relentlessly cultivated in the last century.

Obama is to be used to fool everyone, especially Blacks, into thinking of him as a black man. His good qualities will be identified as examples of black intelligence, black accomplishment, and black attractiveness. The contribution of his white genes and his white upbringing will be ignored except when necessary as an ad hoc promotion of race-mixing.

A true champion of Blacks' interests is never chosen by the Jews to become their celebrity because he cannot be trusted to put the Jews' interests first. They chose the tractable mulatto, W.E.B. Dubois, to be their office boy at the NAACP because they knew he was not an advocate for the preservation of the race or the interests of Black people, but would support "assimilation". On the other hand, they did everything in their power to obstruct the full-blooded African, Marcus Garvey, because he was a true advocate of Africans for the advancement of Africa.

Barack Obama is not a black man. He is not a white man. He is a contrivance designed to confound us. His celebrity will reinforce every dishonest argument in favor of diversity, affirmative action, race-mixing, integration, third world immigration, the "rights" of sexual deviants, abortion "rights", the abolition of Christian holidays, symbols and ideals, the support of globalism, the insertion of Talmudic ideas into our public life, support for Israel and Zionism, the falsification of history, and the worship of Mammon as a replacement for all we have lost as a people.