Saturday, September 12, 2009

Efraim Halevi Celebrates The London Bombings

The day of the London bombings, ex-Mossad chief Efraim Halevi wrote an astonishing piece for the Jerusalem Post. His fulsome praise of the “near-perfect” execution of the London bombings was a little startling. I have never heard such praise of Muslims coming from an Israeli.

He then told of a coincidence that would mean something to his Jewish readers. He said that one of the “target areas” was within a stone’s throw of 77 Great Russell St. where Chaim Weizmann had presided over the efforts that resulted in the issuance of the Balfour Declaration. That was interesting because this address is at least a mile away from any of the blasts. Perhaps this is where the bus should have been when it blew. Perhaps this is where Halevi expected it to be. I think Halevi had his piece largely written beforehand, with that nice little touch about Chaim Weizmann, and he did not want to leave it out.

So many people who read Halevi’s words on July 7th will look for clues of “prior knowledge”. But this is not important. The importance is in knowing who this editorial was written for and what it meant to them. Halevi was talking to Jews about a Zionist triumph. Invoking the memory of Chaim Weizmann was to honor the ascendancy of Zionism. There is not a single Zionist Jew who doubts that the London bombing, the Madrid bombing, 9/11, the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and scores of other terrorist actions that Halevi referred to belong to them. What Halevi was really saying to his audience is: Zionism is triumphant.

All Jews are not the same and in the days of Chaim Weizmann the split between Zionists and Communists was clear, each faction having substantial control over part of the world: the Communist Jews with their Bolshevik revolution and control of the vast lands of Russia; and the Zionist Jews with their manipulation of the British and the Americans to ensure the creation of their Zionist state.

What of the other Jews? Was Halevi speaking to them as well? Yes, he was speaking to them as Jews, but not as Zionists. He does not expect them to feel the glow of accomplishment over this latest terrorist action; in fact he knows very well that they will be vocal critics of the London bombing. But will they confront their fellows with the truth? Will they tell the world the truth?

No, they will not. Their criticisms will fall far short of telling the world that Zionist Jews are the perpetrators of terrorism. They will say instead, as they always do: terrorism is the reaction to the cruel occupation of Palestinian lands; terrorism is the reaction to the bloody invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan; terrorism is the reaction to British and American support of Israel; terrorism is the reaction to Israel’s inhuman treatment of Palestinians; and terrorism is the reaction to the defiling of holy sites and symbols.

However, the non-Zionist Jews, the liberal Jews, the Labor Jews, the Communist and Socialist Jews are lying. Their soft words appealing to the Zionists for restraint contain a black lie. That black lie protects their fellow tribesmen, those very Zionists they pretend to censure. The Zionists are the terrorists, the other Jews are their protectors. 7/20/05